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stainless steel hose reel from PTFX
metal detectable gaskets from PTFX
quick release couplings from PTFX
flexible bellows from PTFX
Flexible Compensators from PTFX
A comprehensive range of products from PTFX

All PTFX hose couplings, components and ancillaries are sourced from only high quality material providers around the globe to ensure that they provide us with our products exactly as ordered and specified, these products are then put through the stringent inspection controls of our internal quality management systems.


No matter what materials or components we source for the production of all our hygienic and sanitary hoses, hose connections, sight glass units, Flexible tubing and adaptors, High purity valves and custom moulded components – all of these products must pass our stringent internal quality controls before the next step of our production or supply to our customers.

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