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FDA & USP Class VI Silicone Rubber Compensators


PTFX produce a range of flexible compensators in a range of FDA , USP Class VI approved materials.

Sizes range from 10mm up to 300mm bore ( 3/8" upto 12" ) and in lengths ranging for 50mm up to 4.0 mtrs long

  in various designs to suit your low or increased pressure powders transfer lines.

PTFX Platinum Silicone Rubber Compensators can be supplied fully moulded with sanitary Tri-Clamp sealing          faces with mating 316 St.St. backing rings,  or smooth cuffed cuffed ends for direct connection over your              process tubing if preferred.

PTFX can also produce flexible compensators or bellows units in non-standard sizes

to meet with your exact process application requirements.



For more details about this product and also prices and availability,

Please call the PTFX team on 0151 548 4000 or email us here

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