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high purity tubing from PTFX
gamma vacuum hoses
gamma vacuum hoses from PTFX
SamplingSystem from PTFX
silicone food hoses from PTFX

PTFX are a leading supplier of High Purity and Single-Use

Transfer and Sampling Components 


Competitively priced single-use products from Puresil


Our portfolio of fully customizable high purity components can be produced to complete all critical media

transfer or sampling systems within the Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology and Life Sciences Industry sectors.

In conjunction with our U.S. based partners, Puresil has the answers and the solutions to meet most individual or specific

high purity or sterile transfer system requirements, from custom moulded tubing manifolds, sampling systems, tubing sets

and custom moulded bottle tops to a comprehensive range of single use products and large bore high purity flexible hoses.

At PTFX we the answers, the capabilities and the technical know how to help you design the components high purity

systems you need and the components required to complete your specific single-use delivery or sampling system.

We can produce high purity single-use tubing sets fitted with bottles, bags, filters and valves

built to your exact drawing requirements and supplied with full material certification and traceability

all fully assembled, double bagged and sealed within fully monitored and ISO clean room production facilities

which are dedicated to high purity biopharmaceutical grade materials.

All Puresil's high purity and single use components can be supplied

Pre-Packed and Gamma Iradiated “Ready to use”.

For furhter information on the above high purity products

Please call us on 0151 548 4000 or email us here

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