Flow Control & Closure Clamp from PTFX
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Features & Benefits

Benefits of the Puresil-Techniflex Pure-Clamp:

· Smooth contours provide clean-ability
· Can be gamma irradiated or repeatedly autoclaved
· Resistant to most chemicals
· No tools are required
The Pure-Clamp can is suitable for single use systems or may be continually reused
The Pure-Clamp is lightweight and durable
Offers high tensile strength and is compatible with most flow line applications
Heavy Duty:
· High strength polymer technology with a unique design that allows the Pure-Clamp to be used -
in a variety of flexible tubing transfer and sampling applications
· Exceeds the working pressure of tubing and hose
· The clamp hinge is constructed from a high-impact material

Key Features:
Meeting outer surfaces
indicate complete closure
Jaw length of 28mm (1.10”)
overall length of clamp 76mm (3”)
Safety tie holes in twist-lock
High impact material on hinge

PTFX Pure-Clamp flow control and closure clamps have been specifically designed for use with high purity flexible tubing
and also braid reinforced flexible hoses which require increased clamping pressure capability.
These highly durable clamps can be used with smaller diameter flexible tubing materials and sizes with varying wall thickness,
and are quickly and easily installed with a positive and simple swing-away locking mechanism.

Pure-Clamp is the most cost effective solution that enables the user to easily control the flow -
of their high purity and critical liquid media transfer and sampling requirements.

Recommended for use with the following flexible tubing and hose materials:
The PTFX Pure-Clamp has been fully tested and is totally suitable for use with the following materials.
Platinum & Peroxide cured Silicone Rubber, C-Flex, TPE, Santoprene, Marprene, Norprene & PTFX Pureprene pump tubing.
ASTR, PSTR, APSH, STHT & C-Flex braided flexible Hoses.
Clamp Material: Polysulfone:
Sterilization methods
Autoclavable up to 30 cycles and repeat Gamma Irradiation up to 50 KGy's.

FDA Compliant material.

Recommended for use with flexible tubing and hoses in the following sizes:

Unreinforced flexible tubing with a wall thickness from 2.25mm to 5.0mm
Braided reinforced flexible hoses with a wall thickness from 2.50 mm to 5.0 mm.
Please Note:
Pure-Clamp is currently being developed to suit larger diameter tubing and hoses
and will be available late 2020.

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