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Safety Break-Away Couplings
Rotary Hygienic Couplings


Break-Away Hose Couplings

PTFX supply a range of specialist hose couplings to aid safety and to prevent damage to your hoses,

and the process pipework and components of your tanker loading bays or gantries.

Safety Break-away couplings are designed for installations where, due to accidental circumstances,

hoses or pipe work systems can be subject to tensile loads, leading to failure.

Break-away couplings are designed to safely disconnect and automatically shut-off the mating male and female

coupling halves when the connected flexible hose is subject to tensile loads.

The insertion of a Break-away coupling can prevent pollution, fire, chemical spilliage, loss of expensive product

ansd also prevent damage to plant and equipment which in pat cases has been damage when a tanker drives away

without the filling hose not being disconnected by the driver - severely damaging you plant and equipment.

Hygienic Rotary / Swivel Joints

PTFX swivel joint fittings are designed to be a rotating pipe connection, for example in a flow panel or in tanker loading bays

and can help to prevent damage being cause to your expensive flexible hoses when the are twisted and connected rugularly.

We also offer extending swivel joints which are up to 75mm longer than the standard range..

PTFX swivel joint fittings are of hygienic design and equipped with a leakage hole for visual inspection.

For more details about this product call us on 0151 548 4000 or email us here

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