Stainless Steel Auto-Rewind Hose Reels from PTFX

PTFX Auto-Rewind Hose Reels allow users to maintain a clean and safe working environment within the

Food, Dairy, Brewery and Pharmaceuticals manufacturing sectors.

Stainless Steel Hose Reels are ideal for all hygienic process pre-rinsing and washing down of

production areas before and after each batch manufacturing process helping you to maintain optimum cleanliness.

We offer a  varied range of hose reel sizes which can be supplied with different hose bore sizes and hose lengths

to meet with your specific process area cleaning or sanitizing requirements,

all PTFX hose reels are fitted with swaged or crimped hose end connections for your added safety & protection


PTFX auto retractable hose reels help to remove the risk of plant operators potentially tripping or falling over

flexible hoses which have been lying left on the floor by another member of staff -

or during shift changeover which can be a common problem for many smaller Food, Dairy & Brewery production sites.



Spray Guns

Our heavy-duty Water Guns are designed with practicality, ease of use and comfort in mind. The handle’s ergonomic design allows maximum comfort for the user with a choice of either a front-pull trigger or a rear-squeeze action which is less tiring when used over a longer period of time. In addition, the shock resistant thick rubber cover makes the unit durable in the toughest industrial environments. Choices of different coloured covers are also available. The guns are available in brass or with stainless steel bodies and internals for cleaner environments. Swivel couplings allow the free rotation of the gun on the hose, making it easier for the operator to change the direction of the water spray or jet. A precise controllable trigger and absolute flow cut-off on trigger release means there are no leaks and no wasted water outside the target area and the operator does not have to return to the control valve or tap to stop the water flow. The operator can change the water pattern simply by adjusting the trigger position. From a wide drenching spray, for wetting large surfaces, to a concentrated jet, which is more effective in removing stickier and heavier substances. Models are available for optimum use with steam/water mixers and hot/cold water mixers.

Hose Options

PTFX Hose Reels are supplied with range of hoses from FDA Approved to high pressure and high temperature compatible wash-down hoses. All PTFX hoses supplied with our reels are fully pressure tested and certified for added piece of mind.

Mounting Brackets

All PTFX Auto rewind hose reels can be wall, Floor or ceiling mounted, and are supplied with a optional pivoting bracket allowing the reel follow the operator’s movements and to allow for more convenient storage.

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