204 Sterile Transfer Tubing

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Sterile Transfer Tubing from PTFX Puresil Techniflex


The sterile transfer tubing from PTFX Puresil Techniflex is a range of Ultra-Clear flexible smooth bore tubing designed for use with all aspects of High-Purity and Bioprocess media transfer and filling applications.

All tubing is extruded and packaged in fully controlled and dedicated Class 1000 Clean rooms production facilities to achieve optimum purity during the manufacturing process,

This Tubing meets and exceeds the requirements of USP Class VI, EP 3.1.9, and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 regulation for contact with drugs and food, and all materials are fully certified and traceable back to the point of origin.

Features & Benefits

All Puresil PSTC tubing is manufactured from only high purity Platinum cured Bio-pharmaceutical grade silicone materials

Sizes range from 0.5mm up to 51mm Internal Diameter with varying wall thickness from 0.5mm up to 6.0mm and in various coil lengths

Puresil Platinum cured tubing:
Offers superior performance over peroxide-cured silicone in high-purity fluid transfer and pump applications

Imparts no odours or taste to media’s transferred due to ultra-pure bio-pharmaceutical grade silicone materials

Allows for tubing resilience and adaptability within processes because of excellent flexibility and pump-suitability

Provides excellent visibility of fluids transferred by using ultra clean and clear silicone tubing materials

Enables identification and differentiation of fluid transfer paths with custom printed colours and coded tubing options

Offers versatility in processing with the ability to use customised tube lengths

Meets specific process connection requirements with compatible Re-usable, Crimped or Moulded T/C end connections

Full material certification that is traceable back to the point of origin


Puresil PSTC platinum cured tubing is widely used for the production and transfer of clean and critical process medias in the Pharmaceuticals, Life sciences and Medical industries.

It can be formulated for longer life use with peristaltic pumps and pinch valves and can also be supplied as fully moulded sterile tube assemblies, tubing manifolds and sampling system.

Puresil PSTC High purity Silicone tubing tubing and tube assemblies can be used for the following processes,

Clinical Trials, Fermentation, Cell Culture, Harvest, GMP Media,
Chromatography, Formulation, Sterile Transfer & Sampling,
Filtration/Separation, Manufacturing & Engineering,
pH Adjustment & Filling,

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