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Deionised Water hoses from PTFX
PTFX are a leading manufacture of Pre-formed FEP, PTFE  & PFA extending hose and tube assemblies for use
with deionised water for washing down the insides of pharmaceutical glove boxes and containment booths,
PTFX pre-formed fluoropolymer tube assemblies offer excellent chemical resistance  -
so are fully compatible with the various chemical solutions which are regularly used for washing down
when fitted with our range of high quality PTFE spray guns
Our range of extending tube assemblies are formed in coils to enable ease  of storage within cabinets
and can be produce to extend in length up to 4.0 mtrs ( 13.0 ft ) and can be fitted with crimped tube end connection
or compression fittings in a range of threads or sanitary flanged connections.
The materials that we use to produce the tube assemblies conform to USP Class VI and FDA requirements and 
are supplied with full material batch & lot traceability
For further information on tube assembly sizes, lengths, end fitting options and costs
Please call the team at PTFX .
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