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High quality Fluoropolymer Tubing Components

from PTFX

PTFX are a leading supplier of Flouropolymer tubing components
Our high quality PTFE, FEP & PFA  flexible tubing is produced using only the highest grades of virgin raw materials.
The material grades that we use conform to FDA & USP Class VI requirements and are widely used in the
Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Medical Laboratory and Food industry sectors.
PTFX specialise in the Pre-forming of Flouropolymer tubing materials tubing to suit specific application requirements,
we have forming and mould tools to produce all shapes, sizes and colours, we also supply straight cut tube lengths
all at competitive prices and on quick availability.
The temperature range of our flouropolymer tubing ranges from -270°C (-454°F) to 260°C (500°F)
It is non-flammable, Non-toxic, remains flexible at cryogenic temperatures and is totally resistant to UV irradiation.


Our tubing sizes range from 1.0 mm I/D up to 25mm and can be supplied with various wall thickness,
larger sizes of tubing can be manufactured on request


we can also supply our PTFE tubing in straight cut lengths or in Pre-formed shapes on request.
During our manufacturing process, we pay close attention to the surface finished on both the I/D & O/D
of all tubing sizes - to ensure accurate dimensions and tolerances are achieved.





Good Stock Availability • Short Lead TimesCompetitive Price Structure

Visible Traceability• Diligent Cleanliness• Extensive End Fitting Options

Please contact the team at PTFX to see how we can help with your tubing requirements

For more details about this product call us on 0151 548 4000 or email us here

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