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USP Class VI   Pharmaceuticals Process Hoses from PTFX

PTFX are a leading manufacturer of high purity, Aseptic and Sterile media transfer hose and tubing components

to the Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Biotechnology & Healthcare manufacturing industry sectors.


Our varied range of ultra smooth bore platinum cured silicone and fluoropolymer lined hose and tubing products

are fully suitable for the transfer of critical medias, viscous gels and creams, and aggressive chemicals and powders.

All PTFX high purity process hoses conform to USP Class VI, E.P. 3.1.9 and FDA requirements

and are also animal free - TSE / ADCF compliant.

PTFX also have a unique range of ultra clean process hoses for high pressure transfer systems, 

temperature controlled applications and Anti-Condensation environments,

and our ultra smooth bore anti-static powders transfer hoses have been specifically designed for use in ATEX zones.

All PTFX high purity process hoses and tubing are supplied fully certified with batch & lot traceability for all materials.


Good Stock Availability • Quick Delivery Options • Competitive Pricing

Visible Traceability• Diligent Cleanliness • Extensive Hose & End Fitting Options

For more details about this product call us on 0151 548 4000 or email us here

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