Temperature Controlled Flexible Hoses from PTFX Puresil Techniflex
PTFX Puresil Techniflex manufacture temperature controlled flexible hoses for wide range of applications and are widely used in the Food, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics industry sectors

Our heated hoses can regulate and maintain accurate product transfer temperatures up to and in excess of +200 degrees 'C'

We manufacture heat-traced flexible hoses for use with various clean processing and transfer applications in a range of hose bore sizes and lengths to suit most hygienic and sanitary installations

Our varied range of hose materials conform to FDA, USP Class VI, 3A, ISO, BFR and EP 3.1.9 standards, 
they are also non-tainting, free from phthalates and do contain any animal by-products

PTFX hoses are manufactured from high quality produced smooth bore rubber and fluoropolymer materials that offer good flexibility, optimum cleanability and ease of handling.


Features & Benefits

PTFX Heat traced hoses can be CIP cleaned or steam sterilised

We offer a extensive range of hose end connections which are available in all designs and standards in sizes ranging from 6.0mm to 150mm bore sizes ( 1/4" up to 6" I/D )

PTFX electrical connections are IP67 rated for ease of cleaning our heat traced hoses after use

Liquid traced flexible hose can also be supplied - where electrical connections are not accessible

PTFX heat traced hoses can also be used for a wide range of industrial applications ( Indoor & Outdoor )


Accurate temperature control of all medias Confectionery ( Chocolates ) Tanker Loading Product Transfer Filling Pharmaceuticals Food, Cosmetics Personal Products Chemicals Gels Atex installations

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