Techni-Brew Ultra - Smooth Bore FDA Brewery Hose

Techni-Brew ultra from PTFX is a range of competitively priced high quality smooth bore FDA hygienic brewery and beverage process hoses which have been designed to offer optimum hose cleanliness, increased flexibility and improved performance when compared with our competitors alternative hoses.

Techni-Brew ultra hoses are available in sizes ranging from 1/2" up to 4" NB as standard and in continuous coil lengths of 40 metres

The PTFX range of Safe-Lok hygienically swaged hose end fittings are fitted to all of our hygienic brewery process hoses as standard

Safe-Lok end fittings are available in all hygienic and sanitary end fitting designs including: RJT, DIN, SMS, IDF, ILC, DS, ISO   threaded connections, also Tri-Clamp, Tri-Clover, Cherry Burrell, Varivent and all Aspetic flanged hose end connections

All PTFX Safe-Lok design hygienic hose end fittings can also be supplied with 45 or 90 bends or U-Bends

Techni-Brew ultra hoses are also available in various colours to suit dedicated products or production lines

The working pressure of this unique hose is 12.0 Bar for all available hose sizes with a 3:1 minimum burst rating.

PTFX Techni-Brew ultra hoses can be CIP cleaned at temperatures up to + 95 Deg 'C' or steam cleaned up to + 120 Deg 'C'         (Open ended) and the unique blend of ultra smooth FDA hose liners we use are fully compatible with the dilute cleaning chemical solutions which are commonly used for sterilizing hygienic brewery process hoses.


Features & Benefits

Working pressure is 12.0 Bar for all available hose sizes

Broad temperature range from - 40 to + 120 deg 'C'

Competitively priced high quality brewery hoses which available from stock and on a quick turnaround service

Suitable for use with CIP in-line hygienic cleaning systems

Unique and ultra smooth bore FDA hose liners that are fully resistant dilute acids & chemicals cleaning solutions

PTFX Safe-Lok design hygienically swaged 316 SS hose end connections are fitted as standard and are avialble in all end fitting designs, sizes and materials

All PTFX brewery & beverage hoses are fully pressure tested and certified

Colour Coded brewery hoses for dedicated products or transfer lines


All Brewery & Beverage Process application Tanker Loading Vessel connection lines Flow Plates & Changeover stations Fermentation, Kegging Production of Beers Winemaking Alcopops & Spirits

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