Long Life Peristaltic Pump Tubing from PTFX
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STA-PURE PCS is high integrity Peristaltic Pump Tubing from has been specifically designed to offer
 a longer working life when used with peristaltic pumps.
STA-PURE  significantly increases process consistency and product integrity, making it an excellent and cost-effective
choice for pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical applications. 

It maintains stable flow rates over time, it can cope with higher working pressures and high mechanical stress,
and also it virtually eliminates tubing spallation.
Using STA-PURE Tubing results in fewer change-outs and higher-purity fluid handling,
enabling the transfer of media with utmost security and confidence. This flexible and highly durable tubing performs
exceedingly well in the most sensitive and sanitary production environments.

Compared to the alternative and conventional pump tubing materials that are still widely used to produce high cost medicines,
Sta-Pure tubing provides superior protection against bursting and product contamination.


Features & Benefits

Extends peristaltic pump life without decay in flow rate with a minimal risk of filter plugging and product contamination due to significantly lower particulate generation.
This ensures excellent results in high-pressure applications where premature tubing failure is costly and provides superior mechanical resilience compared to silicone and thermoplastic elastomer tubing.

Allows for easy installation, reduced maintenance and minimal downtime and is ideal for most standard pump sizes and improves process efficiency by ensuring volumetric accuracy. Withstands repeated SIP/CIP and autoclave cycles and is ideal for use with most standard pump sizes.


Peristaltic pump and pinch valves Ultra-pure fluid transfer Media processing Cell harvesting and filtration Purification Final product fill Sensitive and sanitary production environment

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