Smooth Bore PTFE Lined Process Hoses from PTFX Puresil Techniflex
Ultra-Flon SB-SC biotech process hose from PTFX Puresil Techniflex is a range of true smooth bore PTFE lined USP Class VI approved hoses which offer very good flexibility to reduce the usual the problems of hose kinking normally associated with the conventional and less flexible smooth bore PTFE lined hoses.

The unique design of our Ultra-Flon Biotech means that our hose will offer you increase flexibility making our hoses easier to handle and ideal for fitting to any moving components on your filling or transfer equipment.

PTFX Puresil Techniflex Ultra-Flon Biotech is also one of the few - true smooth bore PTFE lined hoses currently available that will provide adequate flexibility for use on load cells or weigh vessels where minimal hose deflection is required.

Hose Cleaning: Ultra-Flon Biotech can be repeatedly steam sterilised and offers an almost infinate work lifespan when compared with silicone & EPDM rubber process hoses.


Features & Benefits

True smooth bore and flexible PTFE lined hose which is available in sizes ranging from 6mm to 76mm NB ( 1/4" to 3" ) I/D and in continuous lengths up to 40 mtrs. Anti-Static hose liners for use in ATEX environments, with working pressures up to 80 Bar.

Working temperature range from -73 deg ̊ C' -100 ̊ F, up to +204 deg ̊ C' +400 ̊F. Smooth Wipe clean smooth outer covers and Electro-polished hose end fittings. Anti-Static hose liners for use in ATEX environments,

Full material certification and traceability is supplied for all Ultra-Flon hoses and mating end connections. USP Class VI, EP.3.1.9 & FDA approved Natural-Virgin and black Anti-Static PTFE hose liners.

PTFX Ultra-Flon Biotech hose can be fitted with all end fitting designs and in range of materials to meet with your exact application requirements.


Ultra-Flon Biotech hoses from PTFX are widely used in the Pharmaceuticals, Semi-conductor and Fine chemicals manufacturing sectors for the transfer of clean and aggressive liquid medias. It provides excellent chemical resistance to almost all chemical solutions and has a much broader temperature and pressure range when compared with rubber pharmaceutical process hoses. SIP Cleaning, Ultra-Flon Biotech is totally suitable for continuous and safe use with repeated Steam cleaning / steam sterilisation cycles. Ideal for use with WFI & Purified water lines. Suitable for Ultra Clean transfer & filling systems.

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