Silicone Rubber Food & Dairy Process Hoses
PTFX silicone rubber hoses are widely used during the production of Food & Dairy products.
Silicone rubber hoses offer a much broader temperature range over the alternative FDA rubber food hose materials.

PC-SSHW hoses from PTFX is a range of ultra smooth bore platinum cured silicone rubber hoses which meets and exceeds the requirements of FDA, USP Class VI & EP 3.1.9 standards, it is also Animal free - TSE / ADCF compliant, and is free from phthalates.

Increased Flexibility: 
The unique construction of our PC-SSHW silicone hose makes it one of the most flexible designs available on the market and it is widely used on load cells and weigh vessels installations where minimal deflection and optimum flexibility is required.

PTFX Silicone rubber food hoses have a broad temperature range from -50°C to +150°C, and working pressures up to 15.0 Bar. Sizes range from 6.0 mm up to 204mm ( 1/4" to 8" ) internal diameter,
Lengths: up to 6.0 mtrs as standard, but can be produced in longer lengths on request.
PTFX Safe-Lok Hygienically swaged hose end fittings
PTFX Safe-Lok hygienically swaged hose end fittings are fitted to all of our hygienic food & dairy process hoses as standard

Safe-Lok end fittings are available in the following hygienic and sanitary end fitting designs,
RJT, DIN, SMS, IDF, ILC, DS, ISO & DIN 11864 aseptic thread forms,
Tri-clover, Waukesha Cherry Burrell and Ladish Sanitary Tri-clamp flanges,
DIN11864-2 and varivent aseptic flanged end connections.
Note: PTFX Silicone rubber food hoses can also be supplied colour coded on request -
to suit specific or dedicated product lines.


Features & Benefits

PTFX Silicone Food hoses are fully compatible with in-line CIP & SIP cleaning systems when fitted with our range of Safe-Lok -316 stainless steel hygienically swaged hose end fittings - which are available in all food & Dairy fitting designs and standards.

PC-SSHW hoses conform to USP Class VI, E.P. 3.1.9 and FDA requirements and is also Animal free - TSE / ADCF compliant.


Because of it’s excellent flexibility and high purity ultra clean hose liners, PTFX Puresil Techniflex PC-SSHW is widely used for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sterile transfer and high purity purity process applications, It is also widely used for various transfer and manufacturing processes in the Food, Dairy, Brewery & Clean water industry sectors. WIRE FREE SILICONE HOSES. Puresil type PC-SSHW hoses can also be produced with a wire free design, these are constructed with layers of high tensile textile cloth reinforcement and can be produced to meet with your specific application requirements.

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