Pure Alcohol & Distillery Hoses from PTFX
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PTFX are a leading manufacturer of flexible smooth bore rubber and fluoropolymer flexible hoses

for use during the production of all alcohols & spirits up to 96% volume.

PTFX Distillery Ultra hoses are a range of high quality standard and light-weight process hoses which

are highly flexible, easy to handle and conform to FDA & BFR standards.

Our Alcohol and Distillery hoses can be manufactured in a range of different colours and bore sizes from10mm up to 150 mm 

and have been designed with a ultra smooth bore hose liner materials 

which are non-tainting, have low permeability and are free from phthalates or any animal by-products.

All PTFX hygienic and sanitary process hoses are fitted with our range of Safe-Lok hygienically swaged 316 St.St. hose end fittings

which are available in all brewery fitting designs and standards including RJT, DIN SMS, IDF, DS, ILC, Tri-Clamp ,

Cherry Burrell, Ladish and all other designs of hose end connections.


Features & Benefits

Safe-Lok 316 stainless steel hygienically swaged hose ends fitted as standard

Can be used for both suction and delivery process applications and has been specifically designs for use during the making of all types of Alcohols, beers, wines and spirits

Fully compatible with CIP & SIP cleaning systems

Hose sizes ranging from 6mm up to 100 mm I/D and in continuous lengths up to 40 mtrs or longer on request.

Pressure ratings up to 15.0 bar working pressure or higher on request.

Can be supplied with our Glide-flex low friction outer hose cover which makes the hoses easier to manoeuvre and easier to keep clean.


Vessel connection lines Tank Farms Tanker loading filling lines Distilling Pure Alcohols Can be used in highly flammable environments

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