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  • Dan Scott

Let’s make this clear, PTFX are your best supplier for drinking water transfer and filtration hoses

With over 40 years experience working extensively within the clean water industry sector, PTFX offers a wide range of U.K.

Click here for our dedicated Potable Water Hose Menu

WRAS approved and European standard potable water hoses and uPVC connectors for use on water filtration and transfer systems. PTFX also manufacture various PTFE lined flexible hose products and couplings for use with chemical dosing, filling and transfer lines.

WRAS Approved Drinking Water Hoses

High Integrity Peristaltic Pump Tubing Elements

Water Filtration Hoses & Sight Glass Assemblies

PTFE lined Chemical Transfer Hoses

Auto Rewind Hose Reels & Water Saving Hose Guns

PTFX boast good stock levels and fast turnaround on standard lines together with a full range of fittings and a quick supply on any bespoke hose requirements. All components can be individually manufactured to meet with your exact application requirements.

PTFX Also Promise:

Good Stock Availability

Quick Delivery

Very Competitive Price Structure

Visible Traceability

Diligent Cleanliness

Extensive End Fitting Options

Click here for our dedicated Potable Water Hose Menu

For more details call the team at PTFX on 0151 548 4000 or email

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