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PTFX Puresil Techniflex has raised the bar when it comes

to suppling high purity tubing

No matter what your needs are from a flexible hose – nobody understands this market better than PTFX Puresil Techniflex.


In addition to our wide range of stock hose product lines, PTFX also has the capabilities and the technical know-how to produce custom manufactured hose assemblies which can be supplied with specific hose liners or outer cover materials.


We offer a variety of quality hose products to meet the most demanding conditions, all with ultra-smooth inner bores and excellent flexibility, even when reinforced for high-pressure applications. We are also able to produce all types of hose end fittings in a range of materials to meet with your exact hose application requirements.


Massive Stock Availability • Short Lead Times• Very Competitive Price Structure

Visible Traceability• Diligent Cleanliness• Extensive End Fitting Options

For more details about this product call us on 0151 548 4000 or email us here

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