Non-Crush Hygienic Process Hoses from PTFX Puresil Techniflex
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Back in 2008 PTFX Puresil Techniflex on-site engineers identified the need for flexible hoses with a non-crush hose design.

Further to numerous site visits to inspect the condition of flexible hoses in the tanker loading bays of Dairies, Breweries and food production facilities, we noticed that the majority hoses were often being run over and crushed by road tankers and had to be replaced or repaired on a fairly regular basis - which was becoming a liability to our customers and also an ongoing high expense because the majority of these hoses had only recently been supplied. 

Most of the hoses which we regularly inspected - were generally in good condition apart from the crushed/flattened sections which meant they could no longer be used.

Because of this problem, we were asked by various customers to develop a hose with a crush proof construction which we did - and we now have a range of hoses that can safely be used in all areas where road tankers and fork trucks are most likely to run over hoses.


Features & Benefits

Unique non-crush and recoverable hose design.

Available in a range of FDA approved hose liners for all hygienic transfer and filling applications

New construction methods and materials means our hoses are much lighter and more flexible than any of our competitors alternatives, making them easier for your operators to handle.

Hoses quickly recover their shape after being crushed by tankers or fork lift trucks.

PTFX now also provide a range of Safety-Breakaway hose couplings which automatically disconnect if the tanker driver accidentally drives off with the hose still connected -
which can cause extensive damage to your gantry and mating process pipework, valves and equipment, - which does still happen on a fairly regular basis.


All Tanker loading / offloading Available in hose sizes including 25, ,38, 51, 63, 76 & 102 mm bore. Can be used in areas where hoses are likely to be crushed by fork lift trucks or road tankers. IBC and Pallecon filling and connection hoses. Non-crush hoses can also be supplied for non-hygienic applications. For further information – please contact our technical help team on Tel No: 0151 548 4000, or email:

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