Hose End Fittings & Connections from PTFX Puresil Techniflex
Puresil-Techniflex Safe-Lok Sanitary and Hygienic Swaged Hose Fittings and End Connections are ideal for winemaking and distillery.

All Puresil-Techniflex Hygienic and High Purity Hose Assemblies are supplied with our range of Safe-Lok Sanitary and Hygienic Swaged Hose Fittings and End Connections.

Safe-Lok end connections have been specifically designed to eliminate crevices and bacteria traps where the end connections are crimped into the ends of the hose, this ensures that the products transferred do not become entrapped between the hose insert and the hose liner - offering a smooth transitional flow of all medias.


Features & Benefits

The “Safe-Lok” hose ends have been specially produced for use with pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic and food applications. All straight fittings are made from one-piece machined from 316 Stainless Steel. The 90° and 45° elbow fittings and special assemblies are hygienically welded and polished.

This concept is compatible with most standard CIP and SIP in line cleaning systems. No strip down of the hose is necessary for cleaning.

The standard machined internal surface finish of Puresil-Techniflex end fittings is 0.6Ra or better, improved surface finishes can be achieved by Electro Polishing.


Each Puresil-Techniflex assembly is marked with a unique reference code to ensure maximum traceability of all components. A wide range of end connections are available inclusing Tri-Clover ( Sanitary Clamp), SMS, DIN, IDF, ILC, RJT; Male & Female ends in sizes rang 1/4” (6.4mm) to 4” (101.6mm) N/B.

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