High Purity Silicone Pump Tubing from PTFX Puresil Techniflex
Puresil high purity tubing from PTFX Puresil Techniflex is produced in a range of animal free, ultra smooth bore biopharmaceutical grade Silicone and TPE materials which are all fully manufactured and packaged in our dedicated Class 7 clean room production facilities which are regularly audited, monitored and fully controlled. 

Puresil pump tubing is widely used for the production and transfer of your critical media's and fluids, and is also used to make our flexible custom moulded tubing sets or manifolds.

All Puresil high purity tubing meets the requirements of USP-Class VI, EP 3.1.9 and FDA. 

PTFX Puresil Techniflexalso produce tubing with offer extended life in peristaltic pumps and we can also mould or crimp-on Tri-Clamp end connections or kleen-pak connectors.


Features & Benefits

Only biopharmaceutical grade silicone & TPE tubing materials which are available in both metric and imperial tube sizes tanging from 0.5mm up to 51mm ( 2" ) Internal diameter with wall thickness ranging from 0.5mm up to 6.0mm and in various coil sizes.

Fully monitored and controlled clean room production facilities which are regularly audited.

Puresil tubing can be custom produced or extruded to meet with your exact application requirements

Moulded tube end connections minimise the usual bio-burden issues still commonly experienced where cable ties are used to attach end connections to flexible tubing.

Puresil tubing is commonly used to produce custom moulded manifolds, tubing sets, Tank connectors and sampling devices.

All Puresil High purity product from can be supplied Pre-Sterilsed & Pre-packed "Ready to Use"

Can be produced to offer extended pump life and for use with Pinch valves.

Can be supplied fitted complete with moulded or crimped sanitary Tri-Clamps or kleen-pak connectors.

Puresil high purity tubing can be manufactured with individual printing or colour coding for dedicated product lines or for product identification.


Puresil platinum cured silicone and TPE tubing has been designed to be used for ultra-clean media transfer, Filling, Transfer and sampling of critical process media’s in the Bio-pharmaceuticals, Life sciences and Medical industry sectors. Can also be supplied in grades for use with peristaltic pumps and pinch valves. Puresil silicone tubing can also be supplied as fully moulded sterile tubing sets or tube manifolds.

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