Alcohol & Distillery Hoses from PTFX
PTFX manufacture a range of FDA ultra smooth bore rubber and fluoropolymer hose for use during
the production of high strength spirits and alcohols.

Our Techni-Brew and Ultra Brew hoses hose is a range of high quality lightweight Pure alcohol transfer hoses
which are highly flexible, easier to handle and conform to FDA & BFR standards.

Available in a range of colours and bore sizes in ultra smooth bore rubber and thermoplastic hose materials -
which are non-tainting, have low permeability and are free from phthalates or animal by-products.


Features & Benefits

PTFX distillery hoses can be used for both suction and delivery brewery process applications and are fully suitable for use during the making of all types of beers, wines, spirits & beverages.

Distillery Hose Cleaning & CIP

PTFX distillery hoses can be cleaned using traditional methods even at high temperatures - but they are also fully suitable for use with CIP cleaning systems when fitted with our range of Safe-Lok -316 stainless steel hygienically swaged hose end fittings - which are available in all brewery fitting designs and standards.


Being extra flexible and lighter in weight makes these hoses easy for operators to use in tank farms and for connecting between vessels and to manoeuvre in tanker loading bays or on flow plate change-over stations, Technibrew’s excellent flexibility also make this hose perfect for use on load cells and weigh vessel installations by offering minimal deflection, Technibrew ultra is also ideal for use with IBC and Pallecon containers by helping to apply minimal stress loads to the plastic valves and hose connections normally found on these portable containers.

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