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tri clover hose fittings


Hygienically Swaged Hose End Fittings from PTFX
All PTFX Hygienic and High Purity process Hose Assemblies are fitted with our range of Safe-Lok
Sanitary Hose Fittings and End Connections as standard.
PTFX Safe-Lok end connections have been specifically designed to eliminate all crevices and bacteria traps -
where the sanitary end fitting are crimped into the ends of the hose,

PTFX ensures that any products being transferred through their hoses will not become trapped where
Safe-Lok hose inserts meet with the hose liner, preventing any cross-contamination,
and enabling a smooth transitional flow of all medias

PTFX hygienic hose assemblies are much easier to clean and maintain - reducing you companies operational and downtime costs.

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