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High Purity Clean Room  Pass-Through  Hoses from PTFX
Puresil produce custom moulded flexible high purity tube and braided hose assemblies
in range of sizes and configurations to meet with your exact requirements.
Our range of Pass-Through assemblies are manufactured using only high purity Bio-pharmaceutical
and medical grade silicone rubber and TPE materials.
    All Puresil assemblies are fully moulded and packaged in our dedicated and fully monitored  
           Class ISO -7 clean room production facilities which are dedicated to the different high purity materials that we use to ensure optimum cleanliness and purity prior to dispatch.
Puresil high purity materials that we use meet or exceed USP Class VI, EP 3.1.9 FDA & ISO standards
and all of our custom moulded components can be supplied Pre-gamma irradiated and double bagged
"Ready to Use"
If you have aspecific requirements for high purity moulded or single use transfer or sampling components -
we would appreciate the opportunities to assist.
Let Puresil be a part of your Solution

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