PTFE Lined Process Hoses from PTFX Puresil Techniflex

PTFX Puresil Techniflex Ultra-Flon smooth bore PTFE lined hoses is a price competitive range which can be used for a multitude of clean products and chemical process applications.


Ultra-Flon smooth bore PTFE hose genuinely offers good hose flexibility which makes our hoses easier to handle and helps to minimise hose kinking problems which are normally experienced when using the conventional and rigid smooth bore PTFE lined hoses usually offered by some of our competitors.


Ultra-Flon offers excellent resistance to 99% of all chemicals and solutions and offers broad temperature range from -73 deg ̊ C' -100 ̊ F, up to +204 deg ̊ C' +400 ̊F. 


Ultra-flon Hoses from PTFX are suitable for long life steam transfer, WFI and Purified water.

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