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Techniflex Personal Product Hoses from PTFX Puresil Techniflex


PTFX Puresil Techniflex manufacture a wide range of flexible hoses for use during the manufacture of personal products,
These range from smooth bore platinum cured silicone rubber hoses, Flexible "smooth bore" PTFE lined hoses and Smooth bore EPDM and Chlorobutyl rubber lined process hoses which conform to FDA & USP Class VI requirements.

All PTFX Puresil Techniflex hoses are supplied fitted complete with our wide range of Safe-Lok hygienically swaged and interlocking stainless steel hose end connections which are available in most designs including: Tri-Clover ( Tri-Clamp ) RJT, IDF, ILC, SMS, DS, DIN, IBC, Buttress, also Camlock quick connect fittings, ( No Spill ) Dry-Break quick release hose couplings, ANSI 150, 300, BS450 flanges and Varivent sanitary flanges.

PTFX can produce bespoke hoses in all FDA compliant materials and all hose end connections types can be supplied in most materials including: stainless steel, polypropylene and exotic alloys to meet with your exact or specific hose application requirements.

We also supply Hygienic and sterile transfer hose couplings, Quick Release couplings, Process valves, Hygienic Safety Break-Away couplings and Hygienic swivel joints in a range of sizes and materials.

Features & Benefits

All PTFX Puresil Techniflex FDA process hoses are manufactured from high quality materials.

PTFX Puresil Techniflex hoses are competitively priced and can be supplied at short notice.

They have been specifically designed for use during the manufacture and transfer of all personal products, clean process medias, active ingredients Perfumes and aggressive medias. Our personal product hose designs offer increased flexibility which makes them ideally suited for use as load cells and weigh vessels connections where minimal deflection is required.

All PTFX hoses can be custom configured to meet with your exact or specific hose application requirements.

Colour coded hoses for dedicated product lines.

Hose Cleaning:
PTFX hoses are fully compatible with CIP & SIP in-line cleaning systems and temperatures up to + 140 deg 'C' with our rubber hoses and up to +180 Deg 'C' with our PTFE lined hoses -
when fitted with our range Safe-lok hygienically swaged and interlocking crimped hose end fittings.


Typical Applications for PTFX Personal Products hoses: Tanker loading & Tank Farm connections. The transfer of Perfumes & Additives for Soap making and liquid Detergents. Changeover Plates – Flow Plates. Load Cells & Weigh Vessels. Product Filling lines. IBC & Pallecon hose Connections.

PTFX process hoses are also widely use to manufacture Personal Products, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy, Brewery & Clean water filtration. If you have any specific or non-standard hose requirements we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this in further detail.


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