124 PFA Water Guns

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PFA Deionised Water Guns from PTFX Puresil Techniflex


PTFX Puresil Techniflex are a leading supplier of flexible PTFE, FEP & PFA hoses and extending Tube assemblies for use with deionised water in pharmaceutical glove boxes and containment booths and high purity cabinets.

Our extending / coiled FEP tube assemblies are produced in a range of bore sizes and lengths and can also be custom produced to meet with your exact requirements.

Designed for use in ultra-high purity and semi-conductor manufacturing applications.

PFA & PTFE Water Guns offer excellent chemical resistance.

Features & Benefits

• Extending FEP & PFA coiled tube assemblies in various lengths and bore sizes
• Excellent Chemical resistance to a range of cleaning chemicals and aggressive media's.
• Trigger operated PTFE water spray gun design to offers controlled spray for maximum coverage.
• Spring loaded trigger eliminates wasting water.
• PARKER SG-1 PTFE Spray gun
• PFA interior surfaces and a one-piece machined modified PTFE diaphragm/poppet provides exceptional corrosion resistance.
• Unique design eliminates the need for elastomer seals
• Fully functional with a working pressure up to 80 psi ( 5.50 Bars ).
• Standard features are an integral needle valve for flow control and panel nuts for mounting
• Optional recirculation kit is available for low dead volume, high purity, and reliable circulation.
• Ambient temperature range: 0°F to +150° F (-17°C to +66° C)
• Fluid temperature range: 0°F to +200° F (-17°C to +93° C)


• High Purity Washdown Applications and facilities.

• Medical and Analytical Laboratories
• Pharmaceuticals
• BioPharm applications • Aerospace
• Industrial• Corrosive and/or specialty chemicals, acids, bases.
• CMP/Slurry Systems
• DI Water
• Semi-conductor tools

• Life Sciences

• Deionized Water spray guns

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