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Biotech Ultra


The PTFX Puresil Techniflex range Biotech-Ultra hoses are a unique range of 100% smooth bore PTFE lined hose which offers good hose flexibility which helps to minimises the usual problems of hose kinking normally associated with conventional and less flexible smooth bore PTFE lined hoses usually offered by our competitors.

Features & Benefits

PTFX Puresil Techniflex Ultra-Flon smooth bore PTFE lined hoses are available in a range of sizes and designs which include Anti-Static hose liners, ATEX approval, wipe clean smooth outer covers and electro-polished hose end fittings. PTFX Ultra-flon hoses are available in sizes ranging from 6mm to 50mm NB and in continuous lengths up to 40m.


PTFX Puresil Techniflex Ultra-Flon hose is widely used in the Pharmaceuticals, semi-conductor and clean chemicals manufacturing sectors for the transfer of clean and aggressive liquid medias and because Ultra-Flon offers increased resistance to chemicals and has a much broader temperature ranged compared with rubber hoses it is totally suitable for use with WFI lines and repeated SIP/autoclave cleaning cycles. Ultra-Flon is also widely used with Aerosols.

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