ATEX Anti-Static Process Hose – Ref: 024

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Anti-Static Pharmaceutical Process Hoses for use with ATEX Approved Equipment from PTFX Puresil Techniflex


ElaPharm Anti-Static hoses from PTFX Puresil Techniflex are produced using ultra smooth bore Teflon lined Pharmaceutical process hoses which are manufactured in two designs,

Elapharm hose is produced using ultra-clean natural "virgin" PTFE which is electrically insulating.

Elapharm Type OHM hose is produced from electrically conductive Teflon PTFE which conforms to EN 12115 Standard.
This hose can safely used in Ex Zones 0 and 1. as the outer EPDM hose cover is also electrically conductive conforming to DIN 26055-3 Type B

Both hose types have a electrically insulating EPDM outer rubber hose cover which meet and exceed the requirements of the FDA regarding extractables.

Elapharm hoses from PTFX are mostly used within the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries for the transfer of dry products and powders, but they can also be used for the transfer of hazardous liquid chemicals and solutions.

PTFX Puresil Techniflex Anti-Static hoses are produced from EPDM rubber and PTFE and are produced using FDA, USP Class VI and E.P 3.1.9. approved static dissipative materials.

Hose Earthing / Bonding is achieved by attaching our Safe-Lok hose end fittings to the embedded wires within a hose to offer electrical continuity along the full hose length and these are electrically tested and certified prior to dispatch.

We also offer a range of smooth bore flexible hoses with anti-static chips which are built into the outer cover of our flexible hoses to offer maximum static dissipation.

Features & Benefits

Anti-Static Process Hoses from PTFX -offer the following features and Benefits.

• EN 12115 compliance for both Ohm and Ohm T ( explosive zone hose designs ) .

• Meets and exceeds the requirements of FDA, USP Class VI & EP 3.1.9.
• Ultra clean process transfer hose assemblies for highest media and purity requirements,
• Constructed using ultra smooth bore DuPont Teflon® ( PTFE ) hose liners,
• Flexible, Homogeneous, Kink resistant, suitable for both pressure and vacuum applications.
• Conforms to FDA / USP Class VI.
• Conformance to: (EU) Nr. 10/2011, Nr. 1282/2011, Nr. 1183/2011, Nr. 202/2014 (EU), Nr. 1935/2004 and Nr. 2023/2006 Bed. Ggst V, 24.6.2013 LFGB.

• Sizes ranging from 13mm to 100 mm bore size, and in continuous lengths up to 60.0 mtrs.

• Can be supplied fitted complete with our Safe-Lok range of Hygienic and interlocking hose end fitting which includes All Tri-Clamp, IDF, SMS, ILC, RJT & DIN standard Sanitary and aseptic standards. Varivent Flanges,
Cherry Burrell 'I' Line sanitary fittings, All standard and metric flanges and threaded connections in U.K. European & U.S. standards and in a range of materials including stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium and Super Duplex.

• Sanitary end fittings can also supplied with a flared PTFE sealing face in both Virgin and anti-static materials - so that all wetted parts are fully PTFE lined.

•Temperature range up to + 150° C, vacuum rating to 0,8 bar, and working pressures up to 16.0 Bar.

•All PTFX hose assemblies are supplied fully pressure tested and are certified for use in ATEX approved and zone hazardous environments.


Ideal for the following applications: Pharmaceuticals & Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Alcohols, Clean & Hazardous Chemicals, Zone Hazardous environments, Petro-chemicals and Bio-Chemicals.

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