Spotlight on FDA & EU Compliant Food Hoses

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Technifood Ultra is range of FDA & EU compliant food and dairy hoses from PTFX Puresil Techniflex.

A unique range of highly flexible and ultra-smooth bore food product hoses – Designed to offer optimum cleanliness, performance and safety when fitted with the our range of Safe-Lok hygienically swaged and interlocking 316 stainless steel sanitary hose end fittings. Safe-Lok hose end fittings also makes Technifood Ultra hoses fully suitable for use with in-line CIP cleaning systems – eliminating the need for the hoses to be disconnected from your process systems for alternative methods of hose cleaning.

Ideal for use with all aspects of food and dairy filling and transfer systems, Technifood Ultra is one of the most flexibility and lightweight smooth bore hose designs available on the market today – making it easier for your plant operators to manoeuvre around tanker loading bays, Tank farms and on flow plate change-over stations.

Technifood’s smooth hose liners are odourless and taint-free – so they will not affect the taste, colour or odour of your products and the hose outer cover is resistant to weathering, microbes, oils and cleaning chemicals.
The full range of clean process hoses form PTFX Puresil Techniflex are competitively priced are available in sizes ranging from 13mm to 200mm (½” to 8”) diameter and in continuous coil lengths of 40 meters or longer.

All types of hygienic and sanitary connections can be fitted to Technifood hoses as well as flanged and bespoke end fittings which are available in a range of different materials and sizes.

With a broad temperature range from -40° to +120° C, all Technifood Ultra hoses come diligently manufactured to your exact specification.

For more information about our food and dairy hoses call Dan Scott for a no obligation appraisal today on 0151 548 4000.

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