PTFX Puresil Techniflex presents the future of single-use technology!

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AquaSyn U.S. are a leading manufacture of high purity diaphragm & pinch valves for single-use applications.

The unique hinged design of their ARTeSYN arterial process valve allows the user to change the high purity disposable flow path quickly and easily without the need to use any tools and can also eliminate the need for cleaning and validation of the valves before being re-used.

These arterial process valves can be supplied as a single or multi-direction valve modules which can be custom produced to meet with your specific process application requirements or to fit in with your existing pipework configurations, ARTeSYN -DRV valves are manufactured to ASME-BPE dimensions – so are often used as a simple drop-in replacement for any existing diaphragm valve – helping to reduce your production downtime & maintenance costs. All ARTeSYN valves can be pneumatically, electronically or manually controlled to give highly accurate flow delivery of your critical process medias.

For further information please contact PTFX Puresil Techniflex on 0151 548 4000. email:

ARTeSYN valves brochure download here.

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